Only Kung Fu offers tremendous health benefits while teaching effective self defense. Even offering self discipline and honed concentration.

One of the most important aspects of self defense is preparedness and Sifu Willis wants to help you be as prepared as possible for a self defense situation. Every situation is different but traditional Kung Fu offers something no other martial art does – Diversity. Because of the tremendous amount of material available to the Kung Fu practitioner, we are not forced to limit our self defense course to just a couple movements that may be impossible to perform or completely impractical.

Kung Fu Works For Everyone, Any Age, Any Body Style
Lose weight, get fit, get strong, learn self defense

white lotus

Offering training from over 25 different styles including rare forms of White Lotus, 8 Drunken Immortals, Linear Style Pa Kwa Ch’ang and more!

Sifu John R. Allen

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