12 Little Monks

12 Little Monks Kids Class

Teach kids the importance of self discipline, give them confidence, make them “Bully Proof” and instill leadership Skills

The story of the 12 Little Monks of Shaolin is legendary. These young monks offered to do whatever they could to help the master, do their laundry, clean their rooms for them, serve them food and tea – anything they needed. When they did that, it meant they were always around some of the most highly training masters in Shaolin. They picked up extra training, listened to them teach others while quietly learning on the side. They were also nearby when the great masters of the temple discussed specialty training, master’s level programs and amazing skills with each other. That meant they were always getting some of the best teaching and most closely held secrets of Kung Fu! The 12 Little Monks became a legend as no one was ever able to beat any of them in training or in a fight! The 12 Little Monks were UNSTOPPABLE!

Training At White Lotus…

White Lotus 12 Little Monks class is not just a place to drop the kids, we teach REAL Kung Fu as it has been taught for centuries in China. This kids program is ideal for kids from 6 – 15 years of age — Traditionally, kids in China would go into the temple at 5 years old!

White Lotus Kung Fu offers weekly classes at our new location: 112 East Main St., Ravenna, Ohio. Stop in to take a look at what White Lotus Kung Fu has to offer and start your exciting new training. No experience is necessary to get started.

We begin with all of the basics:

  • Stances and arm exercises for unparalleled strength building
  • Basic punches, blocks & kicks
  • Combat drills & maneuvering (floor) drills
  • Fighting Drills
  • Cardio & Strength
Classes Start Mid September!

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