Women's Basic Self Defense


Women’s Basic Self Defense Clinic



Join us for Self Defense Clinic April 9th from 2pm – 5pm

Women, do you ever worry about walking to your car at night and never being seen again? Are you afraid of being one of those women snatched while shopping at the grocery store… in broad daylight? Times are scary and there may not always be someone there to rescue you. You have to learn how to defend yourself.

Join us for this life-saving training and learn what you can do. At this 3-hour workshop, you’ll learn simple and effective techniques to hurt your opponent – where to strike, how to defend against a chokehold, how to defend against a grab from behind, and many more techniques that are critical to know in today’s world.

No experience necessary. We’ll teach you the basics of self defense that may one day save you or your family.

Only $125 per person!

Women Only Please. If you’re interested in a general self defense class for men, couples, families or kids, please give us a call.