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Have you always wanted to training in classical Kung Fu? This is your chance!

White Lotus Kung Fu offers weekly classes at our new location: 112 East Main St., Ravenna, Ohio. Stop in to take a look at what White Lotus Kung Fu has to offer and start your exciting new training. No experience is necessary to get started.

We begin with all of the basics:

  • Stances and arm exercises for unparalleled strength building
  • Basic punches, blocks & kicks
  • Combat drills & maneuvering (floor) drills

With over 200 major forms and programs from over 25 different Kung Fu Styles, White Lotus Kung Fu will teach you exactly what you need to successfully reach your goals!







The Basics class is perfect for those who have always wanted to try out Kung Fu or are just looking for something better than walking on the laborious treadmill!

WHEN: Every Thursday Evening 7pm – 8:30pm

WHERE: White Lotus Kung Fu – 112 East Main St., Ravenna, OH 44266

WHAT: Learn all the basics, literally from the ground up. You’ll burn fat, get strong legs, a strong upper body and core, learn real Kung Fu.

How Much: White Lotus Kung Fu does NOT do contracts and our basics classes are only $49/week. You don’t just get your main class, you are welcome to come to extra workouts and get extra help from senior students.

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Get strong and flexible – Practice something artistic and beautiful – Learn to defend yourself

Visit This Thursday at 7pm
and see what you can be doing
Please Text us to let us know you’re coming: (330) 964-8013